Cinematic storytelling  
for brands, causes & editorial
Modern audiences crave
authentic content
Capture passion
to reveal purpose
Move hearts
to reach minds
Celebrate good
to inspire more

Authentic Stories, Cinematically Captured

Credo Nonfiction makes films that reveal purpose with passion. As rich visual statements, they offer entertainment, invite reflection and inspire action. The stories we tell in collaboration with our partners are strategically chosen, cinematically captured and crafted upon an emotionally-resonant throughline – one that wins the attention, hearts and minds of an audience.

For Modern Audiences

We work with marketers and advertisers of the content & cause persuasion, PR & communications professionals, non-profit change-makers, as well as film & television distributors to produce films that reach & deeply move a target audience. We’re a perfect fit for those that understand savvy audiences can sense inauthenticity and will respond to true stories vastly differently than to a hard-sell commercial.

To Move Your Tribe

We don’t make traditional hard-sell commercials and we don’t look like a traditional commercial production company either. We’re more agile and have the gentle touch required when working with real people to create authentically emotional content – striving to capture the intimate without sacrificing the cinematic. We excel at long form storytelling but can tell one strategically in 60 seconds, too. We believe your audience should be earned because you can no longer buy their attention.

Who We Are

Credo Nonfiction is an Emmy and James Beard Award winning production company that creates cinematic impact content for brands, causes and content platforms. We collaborate with advertising, PR and cause marketing professionals to craft cinematic stories that reveal purpose with passion. Because we’re trained in mythic structure and have a decade of experience producing work that has been broadcast and screened in more than fifteen countries in festivals such as SXSW and Hot Docs, the content we produce has little in common with traditional advertising—but often feels similar to what you would find in a cinema or in your Netflix queue.

We're a tight-knit crew of filmmakers that wants to help bring your story to life through:

Story Discovery & Design




Editorial & Finishing
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