Food Network was looking to create a new kind of show for their digital platforms, a series that could help launch their Facebook Watch presence with a more story-driven character than the typical, studio kitchen recipe show. They had a remarkable young talent by the name of Lazarus Lynch in mind that had a personal interest in the food of the south, due to his family heritage. We discussed a show that would take us out of the test kitchen and into the homes of southern family cooks. They would feature recipes that were tied to a tradition and a place and handed down generation to generation.

Digging into the food history of the southern United States, we searched for families that had unique stories in one of six sub-categories of cuisine. We sought out dishes that highlighted ingredients with a story of their own – stories that would take us onto shrimp boats, into fifth generation barbecue pits and through fields of heritage corn, crops thought to be lost until very recently. The result was a six-part web series with deliverables across all social platforms. Web views have exceeded 17 million and the concept is credited with launching a new style of format for Food Network’s FB Watch presence.






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