Allianz Life recently partnered with the Stanford Center on Longevity on a study that found that living longer lives (30 years longer since 1900) means an opportunity to re-chart our course in terms of traditional life stages. It also means planning for those stages differently than previous generations did. Allianz wanted to create a documentary film and set of content that highlighted what the results of this study meant for Americans today.

Through our collaborative sessions, we set about creating a film that would highlight three pioneers who were challenging traditional life stage norms, already demonstrating what a profound affect 30 extra years of life could have on how we make our biggest life decisions. Deliverables included a centerpiece 8-minute film, along with bite-sized content for social media platforms and a library of still images for use in marketing materials. The story was picked up by the Washington Post and Fortune Magazine, among others, generating millions of impressions for The Gift of Time campaign.



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