CTM Podcast | Ep 12: Charles Schwab Humanizes The Brand Through Storytelling

Managing Director of Brand Storytelling & Innovation at Charles Schwab, Kirstin Falk, talks about storytelling’s vital role in humanizing the brand to generate audience evangelism. Kirstin also discusses how radical vulnerability and the power of executive support can transform your content program.

To see Kirstin and her teams films as part of the Own Your Tomorrow campaign visit:

And to see the film about the founding values of the company featuring Charles Schwab himself visit:

They’ve also made a new edit from that interview that feels particularly relevant in today’s pandemic climate. View that video message at

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About Kirstin

Kirstin Falk has more than fourteen years of experience as a brand engagement strategist. Currently, she is the Managing Director, Brand Storytelling & Innovation at Charles Schwab. Kirstin has cross-functional industry experience that includes technology, non-profit, political, marketing, and financial services.

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